AppCyclers engaged 1500 students on proper e-waste recycling in Tamale, Northern Ghana.

AppCyclers annual activity plans include engaging young minds with interest in sustainable electronic waste management. This is meant to increase the awareness of e-waste among young individuals to influence sustainable solutions in solving e-waste menaces in Ghana. Youth are among the frequent users of electronic devices these days, so it’s crucial for them to be aware of the dangers of electronic waste. 

We believe, engaging young people in the discussion of electronic waste can serve as a pivotal means to reducing future e-waste risks.  It is then, essentially to educate young people within the primary schools, senior high schools and university about the risks involved with electronic waste and the best ways to manage it. 

This year, in partnership with three senior high schools in Tamale, we successfully launched and implemented an advocacy campaign entitled: “E-waste Recycling with Senior High Schools”  on the theme “Advocating for E-waste Recycling; A sustainable approach to investing in a safer planet”.

This project aimed at educating and proposing solutions towards obtaining a safer planet away from electronic waste. Our main 3 three objectives of the program were; 1) To create awareness of E-waste dangers, 2) To engage students to demonstrate the effects of E-waste mishandling, and 3) to Educating students on appropriate ways or solutions to e-waste.



The schools that were engaged in the program included Business Senior High School (Bisco), Tamale Technical Technical Institute, and New Life College. A total of 1500 students benefitted from the program consisting of 60% females and 40% males. The campaign was initiated by adopting a presentation on what e-waste is, the causes of electronic waste, its risks, and suggested remedies for managing e-waste in their daily lives.

AppCyclers- Students cheering on a drama play. Secondly, a drama play was performed by the selected students from each school. The drama highlighted some already bad practices that emerge in serious health effects and the death of a scrap delayer. This strategy was utilized to educate and also amuse the students at the same time. Effectively, the message was carried out by the representation of the characters who demonstrated the impact of electronic waste.


This presented a learning ground for the students for lesson drawing influenced by the facts portrayed in the play. The students shared the lessons learned from the play and suggested ways in their capacity to remedy e-waste. We as well had increased in pickup service of e-waste on our platform. Collecting over 500kg of electronic waste from homes and offices of the parents of this young person we engaged. We look forward to increasing this project at reaching a bigger audience. To support what we do, kindly donate any ransom amount to us on the bank number: 1400006733362, acc name: AppCyclers, Bank: Cal Bank and Swift Code ACCCGHAC. Thank you for your time and support





AppCyclers engaged 1500 students on proper e-waste recycling in Tamale, Northern Ghana.
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