Who We Are.

AppCyclers is a social enterprise, founded in 2019 in Tamale, Northern Ghana. It is an innovative waste management company that focuses its activities on providing e-waste education, e-waste collection services, e-waste recycling, and upcycling solutions to promote a safer, greener environment in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Company Information.

We provide online platform services for individual households, business, organization and institutions to trade off their used electronic, electrical and home appliance gadgets for cash. Moreover, on this same platform, we offer Pick-up and Drop-off of e-waste for a fee. In addition, we recycle e-waste into useful products.



To reduce the amount of e-waste from the environment, through advocacy, adoption of the 3R’s, and using innovative collection mechanisms.




To become a trusted and leading e-waste management company in Ghana and Africa at large. Our goal is to address SDG 11 (Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable), 12 (Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns), 3 (Good health and Well Being), 8 (Decent Work), and 17 (Driving Sustainable Growth through Partnerships)



Our Values.


We provide an efficient means for waste disposal for individuals, homes and offices. We deliver the value of sorting e-waste into gradable forms acceptable for recycling companies. 


Our Team.

Agudor K. Agabas

Co-Founder & CEO

Alidu Hadija

Co-founder & CMO

Mohammed Fati


Our Partners.

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