Our Flagship Product.

AppCyclers our flagship product, is an online platform solution that endeavors to reshape the way we buy and sell electronic goods. We serve as a middleman to provide individuals household, business, organization and institutions with options on how there can trade their used gadgets for cash.

Product Features.

  • User-Friendly.
  • Mobile-Friendly Website.
  • High-Resolution Photos & Video.
  • User-Generated Reviews.
  • Pays and receive to all mobile money networks.
  • Safe and risk-free transaction and delivery of products.


We offer drop-offs services of all electronic and electrical waste at our designated centers.



This service is available to all customers, business or households as we Pick-Up your electronic waste from clients homes and business upon a request for a small fee.


We provide an online platform for individuals household, business, organization and institutions to trade off their used gadgets for cash.


Data Erasal.

We provide destructions services of data from hard disk, floppy disk, e.t.c. to help clients get rid of information or data from their e-waste completely. These are done through deleting, degauss and destroy.

E-waste Education.

We provide training, research, workshops and competitions for and with stakeholders to explore new ideas, potential solutions and business models for e-waste recovery (reduction, re-use, recycling).  


Electronic Up-cycling.

We also recycle and upcycle electronic waste into useful products.


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