Our Flagship Product.

AppCyclers our flagship product is a web-based platform that facilitates the collection of e-waste from homes and offices. We offer companies and individuals a safe way to dispose of their electronic waste with a one-click request for our pick-up and drop off services. 


Product Features.

  • User-Friendly.
  • Mobile-Friendly Website.
  • High-Resolution Photos & Video.
  • User-Generated Reviews.
  • Pays and receive to all mobile money networks.
  • Safe and risk-free transaction and delivery of products.


We offer drop-offs services of all electronic and electrical waste at our designated centers.



This service is available to all customers, business or households as we Pick-Up your electronic waste from clients homes and business upon a request for a small fee.


We provide an online platform for individuals household, business, organization and institutions to trade off their used gadgets for cash.


E-waste Education.

We provide training, research, workshops and competitions for and with stakeholders to explore new ideas, potential solutions and business models for e-waste recovery (reduction, re-use, recycling).  


Data Erasal.

We provide destructions services of data from hard disk, floppy disk, e.t.c. to help clients get rid of information or data from their e-waste completely. These are done through deleting, degauss and destroy.

Africa map artwork made from discarded circuit boards

Electronic Up-cycling.

We also recycle and upcycle electronic waste into useful products.


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