We are committed to recycling legally and in compliance with all necessary requirements. To ensure this, our plant is certified according to the applicable standards.

We provide high quality recycling for your electric appliances.

We are dedicated to help and work to leave positive impact in Ghana history. As an industry leading e-waste recycling agency we set high standards in service and leadership for Ghana.


We offer drop-offs services of all electronic and electrical waste at our designated centers.


This service is available to all customers, business or households as we Pick-Up your electronic waste from clients homes and business upon a request for a small fee.


We provide an online platform for individuals household, business, organization and institutions to trade off their used gadgets for cash.

E-waste Education

We provide training, research, workshops and competitions for and with stakeholders to explore new ideas, potential solutions and business models for e-waste recovery (reduction, re-use, recycling).

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