E-waste Collection & Repair Drive

E-waste Collection & Repair Drive is the second edition of AppCyclers E-waste Awareness Campaign program with the aim of educating the general populace: targeting women and students; to be educated on e-waste menace, the importance of repairing electronic appliances and recycling e-waste. This year, in partnership with CREATE SEED, a collaborative research and Training Experience in Sustainable Electronics and Eco-Design, we present to you E-waste Collection & Repair Drive that will take place in Tamale to commemorate International E-waste Day.
A robust four-day celebration program will be held from the 14th – 17th October 2021 with tailed activities for each day. The event is dubbed E-waste Collection & Repair Drive under the theme: Consumer is the key to Circular Economy! The activities for the campaign include:
  • A radio discussion on two major radio stations in Tamale from October 10 to 12 to discuss the purpose and significance of the program. Local challenges posed by e-waste and as well contribute practical solutions in curbing this menace.
  • A webinar will also be held on October 14, 2021. The virtual workshop will bring together professional waste educators, entrepreneurs solving e-waste and plastic waste issues, and world-renowned icons in the waste management sector. Participants will then have the opportunity to contribute solutions in solving the e-waste menace during an idea hack breakout section.
  • Community engagement in collaboration with an NGO (The Empower Female Foundation TEFF) will be organized to train women and children on how to repair and dismantle their electronic waste for safer disposal and recycling. This will be done on the 15th of October 2021.
  • On 16th October, a tree planting activity will be organized with a basic school within our network as a gesture to contribute our quota towards reducing climate change.
  • Social media outreach will be held to engage the general public on proper e-waste management and safe disposal. This campaign would be on all our social media handles as well as our communities on WhatsApp with informative content on electronic waste, circular economy practices and safe disposal of this electronic waste. It promises to be educational, fun and insightful.
Register here to partake in any of the events.

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