AppCyclers, EazyWaste & BorlaDaakye Partners For World Cleanup Day 2020 Sensitization Content

As we observe World Cleanup Day today, we should be mindful that there will be more plastic and e-waste in the oceans and landfills by 2050 if nothing is done. Littered plastic is clogging drains and causing overflows. And unmanaged plastic is polluting our precious oceans and waterways. The negative impacts that plastic is causing […]

E-waste – An obstacle to children in Northern Ghana.

On the subject of truth, e-waste has become an obstacle for children in Ghana to pursue their education. In Northern Ghana, Tamale chunks of discarded refrigerators and television are packed and left in openings in repair stores along our street. With the sun and the rains releasing toxic chemicals into our landfill. AppCyclers an innovative start-up […]

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