Who We Are.

AppCyclers is a social enterprise, founded in 2019 in Tamale, Northern Ghana. We are an e-waste management startup using data analysis, education and technology to solve the problem of improper disposal of e-waste. We provide upcycling solutions through E-Waste Collection, E-Waste Recycling and E-Waste Education to promote a safer, greener environment in Ghana and Africa.

Company Information.

We provide a web-based platform that facilitates collections and safe disposal of e-waste from individuals homes and offices with a click of a button at their own pace of time and convenience for pickups of their electronic waste. Our platform also has a shop feature that enables the buying and selling of used electrical and electronic appliances and upcycled products, such as jewellery and picture frames, egg incubators made from e-waste. 

We also provide training, workshops, seminars and Young E-waste Hero Competition consisting of basic  schools, junior high schools, senior high students and universities across Ghana to brainstorm on new  ideas and sustainable e-waste business models for solving issues concerning e-waste. 

We believe by educating and creating an awareness of the negative side effects of e-waste on our  health and environment will bring about behavioural change and motivate our local communities to do something about it.



To reduce the amount of e-waste from the environment, through advocacy, adoption of the 3R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), and using innovative collection mechanisms.




To become a trusted and leading e-waste management company in Ghana and Africa at large. Our goal is to address SDG 11 (Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable), 12 (Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns), 3 (Good health and Well Being), 8 (Decent Work), and 17 (Driving Sustainable Growth through Partnerships)


Our Values.

We provide an efficient means for waste disposal for individuals, homes and offices. We deliver the value of sorting e-waste into gradable forms acceptable for recycling companies. We also provide an avenue for safer recycling of e-waste, save energy, combat climate change and promote sustainable consumption of electronic gadgets. We stand out in the market by digitalising the collections of e-waste from reaching the land and contributing to the increase in the collections of e-waste.


People Educated


Ton of E-waste Collected


EEE Repaired


kg of GHG Emission Reduced


Our Services

E-Waste Pickup

This service is available to all customers, business and households as we pickup electronic waste from clients homes and offices upon a request for a small fee. 


E-Waste DropOff

We offer drop-off services for all electronic and electrical waste at our designated centres. You can drive to any of our closest drop-off locations, offload your e-waste there, and get paid for your service.


E-Waste Marketplace

Our flagship product is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell used electronic devices, upcycled arts and products, and recyclable raw materials such as copper, aluminium, PCB boards, etc. from e-waste on our platform to make extra money. 



We provide destructions services of data from hard disk, floppy disk, e.t.c. to help clients get rid of information or data from their e-waste completely. These are done through deleting, degauss and destroy


Our Team

Agudor K. Agabas

Founder & CEO



Alidu Hadija

Co-Founder & C.O.O



Mark Gumah




Grace Akese, PhD

Advisory Board



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