Promoting a Safer, Greener, Recycling Environment.

We are an e-waste management startup based in Tamale, Northern Ghana using data analysis, education and technology to solve the problem of improper disposal of e-waste. We provide upcycling solutions through E-Waste Collection, E-Waste Recycling and E-Waste Education to promote a safer, greener environment in Ghana and Africa.

E-Waste Recycling
Upcycling Solutions

Our Flagship Product.

Our flagship product is a web-based platform that facilitates collections and safe disposal of e-waste from individuals homes and offices with a click of a button at their own pace of time and convenience for pickups of their electronic waste. Our platform also has a shop feature that enables the buying and selling of used electrical and electronic appliances and upcycled products, such as jewellery and picture frames, egg incubators made from e-waste.



AppCyclers Zotorvic Cycle

This is a prototype stripping machine designed to remove copper from insulated copper without producing soot or toxic fumes.

In Ghana, burning electronic waste to extract precious metals for sale has been a major source of income and livelihood. For many of our northern brothers and sisters who migrate southward for a better living. But second, the burning of e-waste produces heavy toxic fumes that have adverse effects on human health and the environment. It plays a major role in global warming as well.

In our quest to find innovative solutions to reduce the threat of e-waste. We develop this product to avoid the open burning of e-waste. 

Our goal is to reduce poverty among scavengers. To protect the health of women, children and scavengers themselves from toxic vapours and also to save energy and prevent carbon footprint emissions.

To support our initiatives, kindly reach out to us at, we are also open to strategic partnerships.


The Mission of AppCyclers is to reduce the amount of e-waste from the environment, through advocacy, adoption of the 3R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), and using innovative collection mechanisms.



Our Supporting Partners.

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