Are you in need of quality yet Eco-friendly products and complex embellishment of e-waste?
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E-Waste Pickup

This service is available to all customers, businesses and households as we pick up electronic waste from clients’ homes and offices upon request for a small fee. 

E-Waste DropOff

We offer drop-off services for all electronic and electrical waste at our designated centres. You can drive to any of our closest drop-off locations, offload your e-waste there, and get paid for your service


E-Waste Marketplace

Our flagship product is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell used electronic devices, upcycled arts and products, and recyclable raw materials such as copper, aluminium, PCB boards, etc. from e-waste on our platform to make extra money. 



We provide repairs and destruction services of data from hard disks, floppy disks, e.t.c. to help clients get rid of information or data from their e-waste completely. These are done through deleting, degauss and destroy.


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We provide an online platform for individuals households, businesses, organizations and institutions to trade off their used gadgets for cash.

Are you in need of quality yet affordable products? look no further, AppCyclers web store allows you to buy your stuff from the comfort of your couch.

The Mission of AppCyclers is to keep electronic waste out of the environment. And this will be done by advocating the adoption of 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and utilizing innovative collection mechanisms.



We offer this service to all customers, businesses, and households, delivering your orders straight to your doorstep.


We provide pick-up services for electronic waste from clients' homes and businesses upon request, available for a small fee.


We have designated centres for you to drop off your electronic and electrical waste for safe disposal.

A message from our Team Lead.

Agudor K. Agabas

Founder & CEO

AppCylers Blog

Our Impact


People Educated


Ton of E-waste Collected


EEE Repaired


kg of GHG Emission Reduced


AppCyclers Zotorvic Cycle

This is a stripping machine designed to remove the plastic and other insulation materials from cables without producing soot or toxic fumes. 
In Ghana, the combustion of electronic waste to extract precious metals for sale has been a significant source of income and livelihood for many men, women and children. However, the burning of electronic waste produces toxic fumes that adversely affect human health and the environment. It is also a major driver of global warming.


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